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Self Tapes - A How to Guide

1)     Make sure you have a blank background in the tape. If there is too much around you it distracts from your performance.

2)     When deciding what to wear, just think about what you would go for if you were showing up in person. You want to represent yourself in the best way possible. Show them who you are! You want to look as natural, warm and friendly as possible.

3)     Introduce yourself! Depending on what they have asked for always introduce your material as well. Example ‘Hi, I’m Jak Skelly and today ill be performing (insert song or monologue)’.

4)     Make sure you have a decent backing track. Preferably find somebody that can record a piano part for you to use. If not, there are many services you can use to source these things. Take a look at the following: MUSIC NOTES (Provides piano backing in the app), AUDITIONS PREPARATION on TWITTER (Send them your sheet music and they will provide you with a note bash and backing track for your pieces for a reasonable price).

5)     Don’t stress too much about doing so many takes. It’s easy for us as actors to think ‘oh I could have done that better’ after every take. The majority of the time, your first take is always the best because you’re not overthinking it. Just relax and TRUST YOUR TALENT.

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